About Us

Theodora Tsatsos- Owner, NASM Certified Trainer, Mom, Mentor, Friend

With a Bachelor of Science Cum Laude degree in Biology, two years of medical school, and over 20 years of weight training, Theodora Tsatsos has a lifelong education in the health sciences, with an endless interest and intentionality for creating one’s own health, balance and strength, both physical and mental.

A variety of physical training, including martial arts, dancing, and yoga, as well as testing various diets, were all integral parts of the learning process in discovering the numerous and powerful benefits of weight training. Theodora sought out and associated with top trainers and champions of competitions. She holds a Personal Training Certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine with an additional Certification in Weight Management.


Theodora, like many moms today had a child late in life, that lead to a variety of common health challenges, such as changing body composition, declining energy, and decreased resistance to the daily assaults of life. Child care and time were issues affecting the ability to exercise routinely. Limitations to enjoyable physical activities, such as routine training, can increase the occurrences of depression, aches, fibromyalgia and a multitude of other common irritations. Theodora discovered that proper weight training not only relieved many symptoms of these debilitating impairments, but also provided a positive mental meditative practice in breathing.


Spending many years in many gyms, Theodora noticed the presence of young boys weight training to increase their power, strength and performance for sports and other, however the girls were missing from the weight rooms. Children imitate their parents, and when Theodora exercised in the basement of her home, her little girl would come down to imitate and try to lift weights with her. All of these observations and experiences, as well as the awareness of the increase in sports for girls today, served to realize the great underserved need for girls to create the same benefit for themselves as the males through what works – weight/resistance strength training.


It seemed natural for Theodora to create a welcoming empowering environment where girls and women can grow, and where parents can exercise with their children, become their workout partners, and bond in a physical and mental way to support one another.


MAKEYOURBODY.COM commands that paying anything forward is the way we progress, and that we must take ownership to become the change that we seek for ourselves and for our children.